Contactless work

Contactless work – Yes we can!

Contactless work – The team at Blowes Electrical utilises multiple forms of technology to provide a safe working environment for everyone. From over the phone estimates to online payments. Get in touch.

Free Estimates

Check out our online enquires here. Fill out a simple form in your own time and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate cost for the work you require. This allows you to budget the job without the muck around of having to be available for a site inspection. All of our quotes and estimates are free of charge in our local area.

Get in touch electronically

Facebook, Email and online enquires are all welcomed. Contact us in your own time from the comfort of your home and allow us to get back to you when you are available. With 24/7 availability we are able to offer flexible working hours for shift workers or people with busy schedules.

Online Payments

As well as accepting cash and offering EFPTOS we offer contactless payment facilities such as accepting bank transfers and online payments. We can issue our invoices at the end of the job and take payment whilst we are still on site saving you from having to wait for an invoice.

Safe work environments

As well was thoroughly cleaning up after work we have multiple forms of safety equipment to ensure work is completed safely. Hand sanitiser and masks are available to all of our employees and social distancing is always observed. If you are concerned have a look at our COVID Policy.

We are always working to better ourselves. We welcome all feedback and love to see the reviews we have been left on google and Facebook.

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