Security and Data Specialists

TV Antennas

Installation of new TV antennas, Calibration and repair of old antennas and installation of additional TV outlets.


Hard wired and Wifi security cameras to protect your assets and for your personal security. We can help design and install a system to suit your needs.

NBN and phone outlets

We can relocating your phone or NBN outlet to a more suitable location or install the required cabling in your new home.

Smart door locks

We can help you with your smart door lock installation. No more panic when you loose your house key.


Do you find your Wifi drops out in certain parts of your house or office? We can help install a wireless network to get rid of black spots. We can also install wireless links between buildings.

Data outlets

Hard wired connections between your equipment provide a reliable and faster connection than wireless systems. Ideal for computers, gaming consoles and smart TVs. We can design a system for your home or office.

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