Office – Is yours up to scratch?

The Office, also know as your home away from home. It should have a convenient layout, be bright and open and designed to make your job easier. Do you now work from home in your old spare room with one light and one powerpoint? We are able to make your working day easier.

Energy efficient LED lighting

Offices should have even lighting with limited shadowing to prevent eye strain. Home offices can easily be updated with LED downlights that are also dimmable and very cost effective to run. Commercial offices can hugely benefit from Government energy rebates reducing the cost of updating light fittings. Find out more here.

Relocation of phone lines and installation of data outlets

Relocating your phone line is easier than you think. Commonly most phone outlets are in the kitchen but are now better suited to be located in an office. We can also install data outlets throughout your home – offering faster download speeds and speeding up your wifi. Smart TV’s, Gaming consoles and Computers all benefit from a hardwired connection. Depending on the size of your house sometimes you need more than one WIFI router, this will remove wifi blackspots and allow you to use your equipment anywhere in your house.

Get rid of powerpoints and double adaptors

Overloading powerpoints from multiple powerboards or double adaptors can lead to electrical fires and looks messy. Sometimes it is as easy as replacing a double powerpoint for a quad outlet. Additional powerpoints are simple to install in most homes and are ideally located where power using equipment is located eliminating extension leads.

Every office is different, if you have something that bothers you in yours or you are setting one up contact us. For most jobs we are able to provide you with a free quote onsite and design a solution to fit exactly what you need.

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