Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans – Save electricity and cool down your home

Ceiling Fans – Does your home have any? With the warm weather starting to return it is time to start thinking about summer proofing your home.

They are a stylish addition to your home and come in many styles and colours. With energy consumption less than a light globe they are a great alternative to air conditioning. Most homes lack ducted air cooling in bedrooms, fans are a cost effective solution to help keep the bedrooms in your home cool. Modern LED lights are now built in saving you the expense of having to change light globes. Remote control kits can now be adapted to most fans if required.

Hard wired Ceiling fans

Hard wired is great for living areas with the switch in an easy to access location for anyone to use. If you live in a home with a high amount of occupants or children remote controls can be easily lost. This is not an issue with hard wiring. Most homes easily accomodate more cabling being installed for the additional switch. The exception is some older double brick homes that are better suited to the below option.

Remote Controlled

Remote controls are ideal for bedrooms or in locations that are difficult to install cabling to. Remotes include many usefully features. Adjustable hour timers allow the fan to automatically turn off in the middle of the night once the house has cooled off. In addition the remote allows you to turn the lights and fan on and off from the comfort of your bed.

The team at Blowes Electrical can install fans you have purchased or we can provide free quotes to supply and install. Contact us or click the link below to get a quote.

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