Local wood

Who else loves there wood fire?

The colder nights are nearly here and the smell of a wood fire is in the air. We have been busy cutting firewood for ourselves and for locals in the area – sure beats a gym membership.

Do you have a wood fire at home? when we installed one in our own home we installed a heater that was too large for our loungeroom on purpose locally sourced from Inside Outside – Check them out here.

To utilise the heat from our wood fire effectively we installed a heat transfer system. Located in the same room as out wood heater is an adjustable thermostat, once our lounge room reaches 24 degrees our heat transfer turns on and transfers warm air from out lounge room to our three bedrooms. This means throughout winter we can heat our whole house with locally sourced firewood.

We can install a three bedroom system controlled by a thermostat starting at $1394 including GST if you live in Bathurst. Contact us if you would like a price for our surrounding areas including: Lithgow, Orange, Cowra, Kandos or Mudgee.

To find out more about what we do check out or services. If you would like a quote for any work click below.

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