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Clever rooms – Is your house smart?

With smart home technology constantly evolving have you thought about upgrading your house to have more functionality and also become intelligent?

We recently assisted with a renovation for a nursery that required all new cabling and electrical equipment, all smart switches and PowerPoints were a special colour called Anthracite as part of the new Clipsal iconic range. The room featured the following technology:

  • Remote control ceiling fan to help cool the room.
  • Ducted heat transfer controlled automatically to ensure the rest of the house stays warm during winter.
  • Bluetooth dimming of the lights so that you can dim the lights up or down without disrupting your child.
  • Automatic integrated night light that turns on when it gets dark and increases in brightness when there is movement in the room.
  • USB Powerpoints to allow easy connection of baby monitors and other accessories.

Check out the new Clipsal Iconic range here.

With your Clipsal smart home system you will be able to turn the outside lights on from your phone for those nights you forget, or even set up a seven day schedule so you don’t even have to remember.

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