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How safe is your workplace? Test Tagging for businesses

When was the last time you thought about the safety of your employees? Electrical safety in the workplace is often overlooked even though it is something that should be conducted regularly. Not sure if you legally require test tagging? Click here. We offer Electrical safety inspections as one of our many services – look at more.

As part of test tagging we will inspect every electrical appliance in your workplace, check it for damage and perform some electrical tests. Different work environments require different testing periods:

  • 3 Monthly – All construction equipment
  • 6 Monthly – All workshop equipment
  • 12 Monthly – All general equipment
  • 3 Yearly – All office and fixed equipment

We will travel to you, test all your equipment and provide you with a professional test tag report. Not sure if you are in our work are? Click here. We can even provide you with a estimate over the phone!

During test tagging we can also perform safety switch testing – We will tailor a testing period to suit you and ensure that all of your electrical safety switches are fit for use. Rental properties should have regular safety switch or RCD testing performed to help prevent your investment, the last thing you want is property loss from faulty electrical equipment that could have been protected.

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